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Americans United with Israel, Inc. is an American grassroots movement comprised of individuals who are deeply committed to the success and prosperity of Israel. We are the USA division of United with Israel, a global grassroots movement promoting unity with the People, Country and Land of Israel. We are a US non-profit corporation (501c3) whose mission is to support the citizens of Israel. Donations to Americans United with Israel are fully tax deductible in the USA.
 United with Israel was founded by American Jewish families deeply committed to the success and prosperity of Israel. We use every means possible to spread the TRUTH about Israel. Our mission is to embrace, educate and empower our friends to advocate for Israel around the world. Join us in helping to support the people of Israel in so many ways!
We welcome members from all around the world, regardless of race, region or religion. Our reach in over 100 countries grows by the thousands every day. We need YOUR support to expand our global network of pro-Israel activists. We are proud to have a wonderful group of friends and supporters in the United States of America.
Israel is Under Attack!

Since the onset of Israel’s latest war on terror, Operation Protective Edge, over 3000 rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israeli cities. The people of Israel continue to suffer from the barbaric, murderous terror machine of Hamas.
Terror and fear are rampant throughout the Land of Israel as Gaza terrorists dramatically increase their missile attacks upon Israeli communities. Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem have been bombed, with innocent Israeli civilians being the prime targets of Islamic terror.
Nearly 4 million Israelis are now within range of Hamas rocket attacks.
And there is no end in sight…

Join Us! Building Bridges of Unity for Israel
Building partnerships that support
Democracy and Peace in the Middle East
Americans United with Israel has partnered with many opportunities for you to "Take Action" for Israel. Humanitarian & educational outreach to encourage inspiration and awareness for communities to build stronger relationships of Unity in support for Israel, the beacon of Democracy & Peace in the Middle East.
Pick 2 actions below to support. Call us or go to the website to "GET 
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Netanyahu: Israel is What's Right about the Middle East
Netanyahu shows us the real face of Israel - the only free Democracy in the Middle East and the only country whose Arab citizens are truly free.
Step Up for Israel what right about israel
Step up for Israel the Header
STEP UP FOR ISRAEL is a national, grassroots Israel education campaign designed to create broad awareness of the growing movement to delegitimize Israel and to motivate the community to Step Up on Israel’s behalf. The campaign is chaired by Professor Alan Dershowitz and former Ambassador Dore Gold.

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Outstanding Explanation:- Please Watch
Why Israel can't withdraw to its pre '67 borders line

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